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The Alejandro Escovedo Experience: The Leonard Cohen Influence January 10, 2016 17:03

Alejandro Escovedo Experience: Leonard Cohen Influence

Alejandro Escovedo backstage at Moody Theater with Lost Pines Yaupon Tea co-founder Heidi WachterWe had the opportunity to bring our tea to Alejandro Escovedo and other musicians for their rehearsals at Space Recording And Rehearsal as they prepared for their January 10th show, the Alejandro Escovedo Experience: The Leonard Cohen Influence.

In addition to Alejandro, we got to meet Julie Christensen (Stone Cupid), a long time contributor to Leonard Cohen's music. 

They loved our yaupon tea!

We got to go to the show and it was incredible! Bravo to all the musicians involved. It was fun to see just a glimpse of all the hard work that goes into making a show like this one a success. We were honored to be a part of it.

Julie Christensen (Stone Cupid) fixes herself a cup of Lost Pines Yaupon Tea