Yaupon is antioxidant dense at levels comparable to other superfoods such as blueberries and green tea. As well as being antioxidant rich yaupon is also anti-inflammatory and in a recent study flavonoids extracted from yaupon have shown promise inhibiting colon cancer.

Yaupon contains less caffeine than coffee or tea but more of the related stimulant theobromine, the pleasure molecule found in dark chocolate. The stimulant effect of theobromine is less than caffeine but lasts longer. The more balanced ratio of caffeine to theobromine gives yaupon the characteristic of not causing the "caffeine crash" that can be expected from coffee and tea. Theobromine also lowers blood pressure and new research suggests it's more effective in preventing tooth decay than fluoride.

Our tea is wildcrafted and beyond organic. No pesticides. No herbicides. No fertilizers. Mother nature grows her yaupon with rain and sunshine.