Yaupon Tea is the Only Caffeine Native to the U.S.

The Buzz

Caffeine & Theobromine

Yaupon (YO-pawn) is naturally caffeinated. It's also rich in the related stimulant theobromine (from Greek "food of the gods"), the pleasure molecule familiar to lovers of dark chocolate. While yaupon contains less caffeine than coffee or tea, it contains more theobromine. This more balanced ratio gives yaupon its focused, jitter-free buzz.

Hugging Trees

Local to the U.S. & Sustainable

We help reforest instead of deforest! We wild harvest our yaupon in the Lost Pines Forest area of Central Texas, where removing yaupon has a positive impact on the local ecosystem. Yaupon, the main understory to the pines, has grown into dense thickets due to fire suppression and poor forest management. These overgrown yaupon thickets were fuel for recent devastating forest fires. By reducing yaupon thickets we help prevent future fires and also give space for other native species to thrive, from grasses and trees to insects and toads!

The Toad

Restoring Habitat

We work with private property owners in the Lost Pines Forest area to thin and remove yaupon as part of a conservation effort to restore breeding habitat for the critically endangered Houston Toad. Long term fire suppression has created dense yaupon thickets. Removing yaupon allows native grasses and flowers to thrive, giving the toad habitat and insects for food.

Buy basil lemon and mint lemon yaupon tea concentrate

Light Roast Yaupon Tea

Dark Roast Yaupon Tea

Yaupon Tea Concentrate

A tantalizing range of complex flavors. Brewed lightly it is smooth and bright with a hint of caramel sweetness. Stronger or longer steepings yield a more bold, nutty and grassy flavor with a silky texture.
Depending on brew strength, the flavor is anywhere from light, caramelly and buttery to intensely rich, complex, nutty and smoky with a velvety texture. Dark roast brewed strong makes a great coffee alternative.
Our yaupon tea concentrates make a half gallon of lightly sweetened iced (or hot) tea. Just add water and stir! Make a pitcher or a single serving at a time. Comes in Basil Lemon and Mint Lemon. Made with all real ingredients and no preservatives!