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Yaupon Tea

North America’s Native Caffeine

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All of the Lost Pines Yaupon tea concentrates. Six glass bottles. Strawberry yaupon tea. Basil Lemon yaupon tea. Peach yaupon tea. Raspberry yaupon tea. Mint Lemon yaupon tea. Apple Spice yaupon tea.


Our yaupon tea concentrates make a half gallon of lightly sweetened iced or hot tea. Just add water and stir! 

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Yaupon tea in a bowl. Dark roast yaupon tea in a small wooden bowl.

What Is Yaupon?

The drinking of yaupon goes back into the time of the ancients, before the cataloging of history and the arrival of Europeans in the New World. Yaupon, the only caffeinated plant native to North America and a relative of yerba mate and guayusa, is an inconspicuous little evergreen that grows along the coastal regions of the Southern United States and the Atlantic coast. 

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Mural of two Houston Toads painted in Austin Texas by British artist Louis Masai. The toads are made of quilts. Below it says in red letters Endangered Only 3000-4000 Houston Toads are left in the world.

Lost Pines Habitat Conservation Plan

In the past, the Houston toad lived all over the central coastal area of Texas, but thanks to development and drought, they are now critically endangered. To help restore the forest and make the land more favorable for the toad, the Lost Pines Habitat Conservation Plan was created.

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Lost Pines Yaupon was founded in 2015 in Austin, Texas by three good friends Jason Ellis, Heidi Wachter and John Seibold.  Years ago Jason went down an internet rabbit hole about a fascinating little plant, the yaupon holly.

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Great tea, fast shipping!

Love this tea. It's great any time of day when you need a lift. It's delicious hot or iced. Fast shipping

Sarah E.


So elegant smell and flavor. Even so effective to mental activities.

Al G.

New Type of Tea

Read about Yaupon on the BBC website and decided to give it a try. I ordered both the dark and light roasts. Both taste good. I experienced alertness without the caffeine shakes. I was able to enjoy without having to add sugar or honey. I will definitely buy this again in the future.

Jose V.

Fruity flavour

Great mellow taste. Doesn't need much sugar. Fruity flavour. Good mellow wake up

Ameir T.

Love the Tea! Light, crisp, flavorful

Jonathan W.
Lost Pines Yaupon Tea farmers market booth. Tea dispensers. Bottles of yaupon tea concentrate.


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