Yaupon + Cacao (Yoco!)

$ 10.95

A blend of wild harvested, dark roast yaupon + pure cacao nibs (organic & fair trade!). Yoco has a deep rich flavor that blends the roasted notes of yaupon and cacao perfectly. We brew this stuff strong (1 Tbsp per mug)! Yoco's combo of caffeine and theobromine gives a smooth energy boost without the jitters or acidity of coffee, making it a great coffee alternative.

Directions: 1 Tbsp per cup or mug of boiling water. Using a French press or a mesh tea ball works great. Brewing Yoco like Turkish coffee makes a very nice strong brew and doesn't require a filter - to do so simply stir Yoco into a pot of simmering water and simmer on low for a few minutes. Turn the heat off, let the Yoco settle to the bottom of the pot for a couple minutes and then carefully pour the brewed Yoco out, leaving the sediment in the pot. You might end up with some bits of yaupon and cacao in your mug, but they taste great and are great for you!

Paper filters DO NOT work with Yoco because the cacao will clog the filter paper.



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