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Yaupon tea, wild harvested and lightly roasted.

A tantalizing range of complex flavors. Whereas the Dark Roast is closer to a black tea in flavor, the light roast is closer to a green tea. Or think green tea and yerba mate had a baby. Bright yet nutty, with a hint of caramel sweetness. Yaupon is nearly free of tannins, so it doesn't have the bitterness of regular tea. Like all Lost Pines Yaupon Tea, it contains the perfect balance of caffeine and theobromine to give you a focused and jitter-free buzz. Theobromine is the pleasure molecule coveted by lovers of dark chocolate, that increases feelings of well being, contentment and focus.

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Yaupon Preparation

Yaupon can be steeped like tea, brewed like coffee or even prepared in the same style as yerba mate. 

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Lost Pines Habitat Conservation Plan

In the past, the Houston toad lived all over the central coastal area of Texas, but thanks to development and drought, they are now critically endangered. To help restore the forest and make the land more favorable for the toad, the Lost Pines Habitat Conservation Plan was created.

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What Is Yaupon?

The drinking of yaupon goes back into the time of the ancients, before the cataloging of history and the arrival of Europeans in the New World. Yaupon, the only caffeinated plant native to North America and a relative of yerba mate and guayusa, is an inconspicuous little evergreen that grows along the coastal regions of the Southern United States and the Atlantic coast. 

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